SAKI&Bitches is a Tokyo-born Painter/Street artist, Currently based in London.

SAKI first started to experiment with the street art scene in 2009.
Applying hand drawn stickers to the streets of the East end of London.
SAKI's art did evolve and grow to full-scale portrait as she too grew.

Wondering and ever fascinated by the female form, she had no other ambition other than to celebrate it.

Having previously exhibited in Tokyo, London and San Fransisco, SAKI has no formal background,but she is an artist of exceptional scope. Able to turn hand to many different styles and mediums on works produced on wood,pencil sketch,glass and spray paint.

SAKI's art is unintentionally controversial and erotically sweet, it's plain twisted.
SAKI's glamorous Bitches keeps flirting around the world!